Please respect the originator

One of the most beautiful things to me is the originator’s right in its creations when it comes to respect and codes of conduct. Not only in business and corporate culture but in day-to-day communication too.

When you recognize and honor the uniqueness of a person’s creation, whether it’s a meal, a cozy atmosphere, or a painting: You honor the creator as well as the outcome, something only this person can create. And you can not take that away from this person, you can never own that. It’s simply not possible. To me, it’s a celebration of the variety of creation, of life itself.

Most countries honor the simplicity of this given fact and protect the creator’s rights. They should be in full control of their own creation. The ‘right to copy’ is one of those possibilities to share – but under the terms of the creator.

When you use a quote from my text in private, non-commercial use, please refer to art manuscript as the source and share a link to this website. When you want to share more content from this site, such as a full article, please contact me, Katja Kiefer, as the author and creator. I am open to suitable cooperation.

I am a member of the collecting societies VG Wort and VG Bild-Kunst

This blog is substantively rooted in creation and artistry, so over time the originator’s rights and copyright will appear in some observations and articles (upcoming). It is just essential. When interested please use ‘search’ for the corresponding content. Thank you.

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rechtlicher Hinweis

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Umfassende, gut gegliederte und verständliche Informationen zum Thema Urheberrecht und den Folgen von Urheberrechtsverletzungen findet man z.B. auf urheberrecht.de.