Ariadne’s thread

The theme of Ariadne’s thread is the theme of a labyrinth you’re caught in. Trying to find your way through the labyrinth (and out of it as the ultimate goal) to set your self free. Salvation.

Ariadne’s thread is the guide-line to help you through, and one interesting aspect of the thread is: It brings you back from where you started. It always brings you back to the origin. With Ariadne’s thread, you are able to return to your home, your base, your core.

Is it a back to ‘before’, the past? No. In the meantime, in the labyrinth, development happened. The journey, the experience, the overcoming of fear, struggle, confusion. You face the Minotaur to reach your goals, your destination. You conquer him. *

The Parable of the Prodigal (Lost) Son indicates several similar aspects. **

In context with this blog, I want to clarify: This blog is not meant to be Ariadne’s thread for anybody but myself. The order of the articles, the themes, timing, the approach of observations might make no sense to you, but there is a sense for me.

There was a moment I realised (or/and realized) the amount of labyrinth I was living in, the various layers of mis-placements, and delusion. Therefore I stood still. For a long time. Because when you realize you got lost in a labyrinth, at first you have to get your orientation back. You don’t want to crawl into the next deadlock.

And you need your Ariadne’s thread to find your way back to your own core and out of the labyrinth. So what I did was, I picked up my Ariadne’s thread. It was always there but tangled up and sometimes used as a safety string over troubled water, fixed to hold me. It brought me through those times, but not back to my self. I had to dis-engaged my thread from all these places and situations so I was no longer bonded. And the thread could do its magic and guide me.

The momentum of this blog is the orientation towards the way (back) out of the labyrinth. Ariadne’s thread is collected but still tangled in parts. Some articles are the moment I take a step along the thread. Some articles are happening while I unravel a knot, staying still, waiting for the next step to unreel.

There is no construction on how to walk through your personal labyrinth. You have to do it on your very own and each path to freedom is different. And while my own labyrinth was overcrowded with other people, this now is my sole journey. That’s one reason I choose no comments.

Besides the individual journey, there are constants in the universe. Cardinal points. Those can help everybody who is looking for orientation. And when you see the evening star above you, there is an anchor, a parameter you can orient your self towards. For some people following the evening star, it can cause them to turn around and move 3 steps left. For some, it means to leave the past road completely and swim through a stream to get there. So no advice here.

The form of dialogue in articles just happens when suitable. I feel comfortable with dialogue, kind of natural to me. I’m not talking to a potential reader tbh.

But if you feel addressed, and eventually are re-minded of some cardinal points in your life, well, that’s beautiful.

* I choose the word ‘conquer’ on purpose, knowing there is the following aspect in it: (tr) to gain the love, sympathy, etc, of (someone) by seduction or force of personality.

Makes perfect sense to me.

** Did you notice the affinity between prodigal and prodigy? Just saw while writing. I will take a look at that one time, I love hints like that.