Sign contracts to protect you, not to sell you

The good sense of contracts. There are many ideas about contracts that strive for the thoughts of money, selling, buying. That’s fine. And necessary. Because it’s about the exchange of service, material, creativity too. I’ll take a look at the edge of solutions about redefining the reason to create a standard in contracts. Because you … Read more

Is perfection a end?

You may find several write errors on this blog, as English is not my mother tongue – but happened to be the natural choice for this adventure. But some of the ‘wrong’ is the right for me. And the ‘a’ in the title was a choice. I want to take a look at some occasional … Read more

You want to be an artist?

Who says you’re not? You? Well, so you have to convince your self that you are an artist. Eventually, hopefully, one day. When you try hard. When you prove it. First, you have to define ‘artist’. At least you should understand what artistry is when you claim or deny you are an artist. And that … Read more